Based in Montreal, Quebec as part of the MC Apparel Company, and founded almost 50 years ago, Fen Nelli specializes in the design and manufacturing of ladies outerwear. Being Canadian, Fen Nelli knows what you need in a jacket, and they're made with quality materials and superior creative craftsmanship. They are distinctly proud of their ability to stylishly outfit their customers, and continually work hard to out-do their already high levels of quality and service, with a focus on fit and price.
One of the most attractive features of Fen Nelli's outerwear is their absolutely classic cut and feel. With just a touch of vintage sensibility, every one of their pieces truly feels timeless and is guaranteed to be a favourite in your collection for years to come, regardless if you opt for a traditional top coat, a hooded raincoat, a ski jacket, or fur-trimmed parka.

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